About CloudMinds Technology

Our Vision

We can make Robots as smart as a human by using a cloud brain.
Helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for homes by 2025

This will be achieved by cloud-connected robots,
where diverse models of robots share a brain hosted on a cloud platform.

Your robot will have access to an ever-growing number of skills
similar your smart phone’s access to apps today.

CloudMinds founder, Bill Huang, sees Cloud Robots as the killer app for 5G. See Bill’s elaboration on why physics drives the cloud robot architecture in this Scientific American article.

Our Mission

Operating Smart Robots for People.

We make helpful robot services possible; and to make them safe, secure and affordable.

Our mission is to implement the Vision. As breakthroughs continue along the way to the Vision becoming reality, CloudMinds is preparing to be an operator of diverse models robots
for people with a wide range of interests and needs.

We Make Robots SmarterTM

Have a robot?  We can make it smarter. 
Have AI skills?  We can integrate them into ever-expanding cloud brains.

CloudMinds is the creator of an emerging fabric to connect a multitude of AI skills to cloud robots (and other smart devices).

We are a catalyst that increases the value of AI developed anywhere in the world
by creating seamless interoperability with robots (and other smart devices).

CloudMinds Values

CloudMinds shares core values with stakeholders around the world.

Cloud robots must be safe.
Businesses can trust robots with their employees.
Moms and Dads can trust a robot at home with their children.

Cloud robot services must be secure.
The connection between robots and the cloud brain is protected.
Data is processed and stored locally with state-of-the-art technologies.

Cloud robot services should be affordable.
Businesses can significantly increase productivity.
Most households should have access to robot services.

In addition to these shared values, CloudMinds strives for world-class engineering internally
and eagerly contributes in industry collaboration externally.

CloudMinds is a charter member of the Association of Cloud Robot Operators (www.acro.ai), is an active participant in the IEEE Committee on Communications Quality and Reliability and supports the tenets of the Partnership on AI (www.partnershiponai.org ).

A Truly Global Company

Our operations span 6 continents to support 25 countries.

CloudMinds has key functions distributed internationally, including major offices in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Location of CloudMinds
CloudMinds is localized - so your data is processed and stored locally.

A New Kind of Tech Company

From CloudMinds’ inception in 2015, its founders understood  that Internet-level security and trust were insufficient for society to enter the emerging integration of cloud robots with civilization. Higher levels of trust are required, beyond what tech companies have achieved to date.

CloudMinds policies and practices are continually being optimized to strive for the highest level of trust of stakeholders – consumers, enterprises and governments – around the world. 

CloudMinds started as a bona fide international company, incorporated under the refined British legal system of the Cayman Islands, with intentional international diversity of initial investors, purposeful international diversity of its board of directors, and deliberate international diversity of its officers.