Robot Controllers Units (RCUs)

Robot Controller and Smart Communication Devices

Our main smart communication devices are connected to the’cloud brain’ through the ‘nerve network’ as robot controllers. They can be plugged into robot bodies to control cloud robots and can also be used as smartphones.

Data A1 Secure Smartphone Device and Robot Control Unit (RCU)

RCU Data A1

DATA A1 is the world’s first modular mobile device for robot control. It features a glass and aluminum design, chipset by a leading manufacturer and iris and finger print biometric authentication.  

Cloud Raman

CloudMinds’ XI MR-5S is the world’s first cloud AI Raman spectrometer with 785 nm laser excitation. This lightweight and handheld Raman spectrometer uses Cloud AI to quickly identify mixtures of up to three substances and share results to other devices via a secure cloud brain.

AI Raman Smart Portable Raman Spectrometer