DATA A1 is a Secure Smartphone

The Data A1 is a secure smartphone that serves as a specialized and secured smart device for our robot controllers (RCU) that are designed to connect robot bodies to the VBN “nerve network” and our “Cloud Brain” – HARIX.

Data A1 is a Robot Controller

The A1 secure smartphone connects to Cloud Robots via the SmartPort, and thereby to the VBN network and HARIX Cloud AI platform. With local processing capabilities, the Data A1 device analyzes and  processes data before transmitting it to the HARIX “cloud brain” through the VBN “nerve network,” and transmits instructions from the “cloud brain” to cloud robot bodies to complete various tasks.

Unique “Sandwich” Design with SmartPort

Using the SmartPort interface, the Data A1 secure smartphone device can be easily customized for different customer requirements by adding new functional modules.

DATA A1 – Customizable Through the SmartPort

Connected to Cloud AI

The DATA A1 secure smartphone device connects to the HARIX cloud brain to support intelligent vision and voice capabilities.

AI Raman Smart Portable Raman Spectrometer showing dual os system

Dual OS System

DATA A1 provides mobile security via multi-OS support and mobile-management.

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