Cloud Infrared Temperature Measurement System

An AI-enhanced, infrared, body temperature monitoring device for rapid detection of high temperature in the human head.This device can provide triage and initial temperature screening for groups of people whose temperature are above the normal extent, and provide high temperature warnings after detection. Application scenarios include relatively small, lower traffic spaces such as enterprise offices,. retail shops, community centers, schools and more.

Product Advantages

• For Use in Smaller Facilities
• Portable, Flexible & Easy to Setup
• Contactless Operation & Optimal Scan Distance of 20-40 inches 
• Accurate Temperature Detection (± 0.4° C); Automatic Warning


Product Features

• Portable and compact device with flexible installation and easy setup, allowing for quick location changes and usage in a variety of entry and exit scenarios

• Fast and highly accurate single-point temperature detection of 1 person at a time, at a speed of 0.5 sec per scan

• Fast login & background management, Real-time alarm data, and data report presentation • Secure data and cloud-based big data platform to analyze basic set data (optional based on network security conditions)

• AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network provides higher accuracy and lower false warning rate

Application Settings

Offices / Reception
2 Grocery Store shutterstock_1275256216
Campuses / Schools

No Medical Use: this product is not intended for any medical or health-related uses (including, without limitation, any use for temperature measurement in humans) nor has been approved by the FDA. This Product cannot be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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