RCU Devices

Robot Control Unit. Our proprietary robot controllers are smart communication devices that function as standardized modules to connect robot bodies to the “nerve network” and serve as the interface for the “cloud brain.”

Connecting Our Cloud Robots to the Cloud Brain

With local processing capabilities, RCUs process and analyze first-hand data before transmitting to the “cloud brain” through the “nerve network,” and translate the instructions from the “cloud brain” to robot bodies for actions. We have our proprietary hypervisor in our robot controllers to power multiple operating systems that can access to our private “nerve network” and public internet simultaneously, but separately, hence achieving multi-tasking capabilities and ultimate network security.

Data A1 Phone

The Data A1 is a smart phone, a specialized and secured smart devices that functions as a robot controllers unit (RCU), designed to connect robot bodies to the “nerve network” and our “Cloud Brain” – HARIX.


CloudMinds’ XI MR-5S is world’s first cloud AI Raman spectrometer.


CloudMinds’ Palm-Ultrasound BGD21 is a handheld pocket-size ultrasound inspection device. It provides real-time grayscale anatomic and Color Doppler blood flow images with a touch screen.

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