End-to-End Cloud Robotics

Our end-to-end cloud robot system combines two ground-breaking technologies, the Human Augmented Robot Intelligence with eXtreme Reality (HARIX) cloud intelligence architecture and robot bodies with Smart Compliant Actuators (SCAs) to empower smooth cloud robotics in a wide range of vertical applications. We also modify third-party robot bodies to enable them to be integrated into our cloud robot system to empower customer engagements in retail, hospitality, real estate, smart city and other robotics applications.

cloud instructure
XR-1 Service Robot Powered by Cloud AI

XR-1 Service Robot

The XR-1 Robot is  a new generation of wheeled humanoid service robots designed with more powerful and smooth movements. Using vision-guided precise and compliant grasping and manipulation capabilities XR-1 aims to establish the standard for future service robots.

Patrol Robot

The Cloud Patrol security robot is designed for autonomous neighborhood patrol, real-time resident and license plate recognition, environmental monitoring with fire and toxic gas detection and overall community security surveillance

Cloud Patrol Security Robot Powered by Cloud AI
CloudMinds Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot

Cloud Pepper

Cloud Pepper is a humanoid robot manufactured by SoftBank Robotics that is available for sale and rent for a variety of applications. Empowered by the AI capabilities of the HARIX cloud ‘brain’ With advanced navigation and dialogue capabilities, Cloud Pepper can be used as a hotel or hospital receptionist or a sales guide at retail stores or corporate events.

Cloud Vending

The Cloud Vending Machine  is developed to automate retail purchase and check-out process. It supplies a fast, efficient grab-and-go experience by using computer vision to recognize customers and merchandise for a next-generation smart vending experience.

Smart Joint Actuators (SCAs):

Our Smart joints, or smart compliant actuators (SCAs), are cost-effective and high-performance biomimetic parts  to help service robots perform human-like joint movements and complete complex duties at reasonable costs. Each smart joint is equipped with an integrated reducer, motor, and electronic control chips embedded with AI and control algorithms, sensors and communication functions to empower flexible, smooth, accurate and safe robot movements.

These SCAs are the core building blocks for future robotics solutions. Using different sizes of smart joints, cloud robots can realize multi-axis arm and finger separated movements to perform small and precise motions such as grasping and threading a needle. With these smart joints, when a cloud robot encounters an obstacle, it can pause its movement and resume when it is safe to do so.

SCA Robot Joints for Cloud Robotics