Our end-to-end cloud robot system combines the cloud intelligence architecture and robot bodies. We have developed and produced a wide range of hardware robotic products with their intelligence in the Cloud to provide cloud robots and services to our customers. We also modify third-party robot bodies to enable them to be integrated into our cloud robot system.

cloud instructure

XR-1 Service Robot

XR-1, as the next generation of wheeled humanoid robots, is designed with more powerful and smooth movements that aim to establish the standard for future robots.

XR-1 Service Robot Powered by Cloud AI

Patrol Robot

Patrol robot is produced for real-time neighborhood patrol, resident and license plate recognition, and fire and toxic gas detection.

Cloud Patrol Security Robot Powered by Cloud AI

Cloud Pepper

Empowered by the AI capabilities of the ‘cloud brain’,Cloud Pepper can be used as a receptionist in hotels or retail stores as it can navigate and conduct multiple rounds of dialogue with human beings.

Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot manufactured by SoftBank Robotics

CloudMinds Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot

Cloud Vending

Cloud Vending is developed to automate retail purchase and check-out process. The machine identifies customers by face recognition and recognizes merchandise using computer vision.

Smart Joint (SCA):

Smart joints, or smart compliant actuators, are cost-effective and high-performance biomimetic robot body parts that are tailored for service robots.  Each smart joint is equipped with integrated reducer, motor, and electronic control chips embedded with AI and control algorithms, sensors and communication functions that empower flexible, smooth, accurate and safe robot body part movements.

SCA Cloud Robotics Joint for Cloud Robots
SCA Robot Joints for Cloud Robotics

Empowered by different sizes of smart joints, robots can realize multi-axis arm movements and five finger separated movements.

SCA Robot Joints for Cloud Robotics

When a robot equipped with smart joints encounters an obstacle, it can pause its movement and resume when it is safe to do so.