Cloud Robotics is the Killer Application for 5G

Powered by two ground breaking technologies, the Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) and Human Augmented Robot Intelligence with eXtreme Reality (HARI-X), XR-1 is the first humanoid cloud robot with vision-guided precision grasping and manipulation capabilities.

SCA: The Smallest, Most Powerful, Micro – Servo

In addition to our cloud robot system that makes robots “smart”, we have also developed standardized Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) technology with precise and compliant grasping that make robot perform human-like joint movements and complete complex duties at reasonable costs.

We have developed smart joint technology as the core building block for future robot bodies.

Each SCA has electronic chips embedded with AI and control algorithms, multiple sensors and communication functions. These empower flexible, smooth, accurate and safe robotic movements.

Equipped with smart joints, robots can be highly compliant, adaptable, and capable of small and precise movements such as grasping and needle threading, plus many more human agile tasks. 


The XR-1 Robot is the first model of CloudMinds’ XR robotics line, a new generation of service robots powered by our Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) technology with precise and compliant grasping capabilities.

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Patrol Robot

The Cloud Patrol robot could fully replace or partially replace security staff’s work by providing services such as autonomous patrols, security surveillance, environment monitoring, personnel identification, license plate recognition and community services

Patrol HiRes

Cloud Pepper

Cloud Pepper is one member of our Cloud Robots family. The bodies of cloud robots are like avatars at the point of service, their brains are in the cloud (for AI Cloud computing, deep-learning, Data Storage, etc.), and a secured network (over mobile network and backbone) acts as the nerves network of cloud robots.


Cloud Vending

The Cloud Vending Machine supplies a fast, efficient grab-and-go experience by recognizing customers and merchandise.