CloudMinds Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot

Cloud Pepper is a Semi-Humanoid Robot  

Manufactured by SoftBank Robotics and powered by CloudMinds HARIX cloud brain, Cloud Pepper is a humanoid robot that is: 

  • Engaging: Task driven conversational platform
  • Resourceful: Offers insight from customizable knowledge base
  • Personalized: Targets knowledge and responses based on user profile

The Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot is Powerful

The Data A1 smartphone RCU (Robot Control Unit) connects Cloud Pepper to our AI Cloud brain HARIX. The entire cloud robotics system can scale to millions of Cloud Pepper robots online thanks to the vast coverage of 4G and 5G networks.

CloudMinds Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot

Cloud Pepper Provides a Unique Conversational Experience

Empowered by the AI capabilities of the cloud brain, Cloud Pepper uses facial recognition and natural language processing to connect with customers on an emotional level, providing a new unique conversational experience. Cloud Pepper is ideal for use as  a receptionist in hotels or retail stores as it can navigate and conduct multiple rounds of dialogue with human beings.

CloudMinds Cloud Pepper Humanoid Robot

Cloud Pepper is a Perfect Conversational Agent in Multiple Industries

The Cloud Pepper humanoid robot can be rented and used for receptions, as a companion, for providing service guidance, or as a market promotor at conferences, trade shows and corporate events. Pepper itself is made by Softbank Robotics Corp. (SRC) and is ideal for many industries including: