Cloudia is Our Virtual Robot

Cloudia, CloudMinds’ Intelligent Digital Avatar, provides Conversational AI in virtual form- connecting on an emotional level-becoming the face of your brand to customers.

Bringing Our Cloud AI to All Form Factors Both Virtual and Physical

Cloudia revolutionizes how customers shop, search, and transact with your business. She has no physical body – she can be in many places simultaneously, on any phase of the customer journey. She is designed to live on a digital display in many locations- on a shelf, a kiosk or a video wall.

Cloudia’s advanced speech recognition, natural language processing, and contextual understanding improve its conversational ability over time.

She can also be customized to fully become the face of your brand.

Cloudia is Sophisticated

Cloudia supports voice recognition, intent classification, and contextual understanding to improve conversational ability over time.

Cloudia is Perfect for Multiple Industries and Use Cases

Cloudia can be used in your lobby or your store. She can attend welcome receptions, make product recommendations and provide introductions anywhere.