XR-1 Service Robot Powered by Cloud AI

XR-1 is the first model of our next-generation XR series cloud robot

XR-1 is capable of vision-controlled robotic manipulations such as grabbing objects, opening doors, and threading needle. XR-1 can serve as a concierge, receptionist, business guide, or VIP service staff under different scenarios.

Powered By Cloud Brain

Connected by a secure network and powered by a constantly evolving cloud brain (HARIX), XR-1 seamlessly combines artificial intelligence and human augmentation. Supported by multi-modal AI capabilities such as smart vision, smart voice and smart motion, XR-1 can acquire a number of skills, including recognizing a VIP visitor, grabbing a requested object, and opening doors.

HARIX Cloud AI Platform for Cloud Robots
SCA Robot Joints for Cloud Robotics

Built With Smart Joints

XR-1 has over 30 proprietary smart joints built in its body, enabling it to perform vision-guided precise movements and manipulations.

Technology Highlight

Deep learning with cloud brain (HARIX)

NLP, CV for face/object/posture/emotion recognition, Visual Simultaneous Location and Mapping (VSLAM)

Visual feedback manipulation, grasping/motion/pressing

3D semantic Map for grasping/motion

Vertical domain knowledge & AI services

Accessing cloud brain via RCU (Robot Control Unit)


Compliance Control

  • Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) on each Joint
  • Total of 34 Actuators
  • Auto Balancing and Anti-Collision


  • Mic Array for voice recognition
  • Multiple language and multiple accent support
  • Semantics with Emotional Intelligences


  • Lidar, 2D/3D camera, and multiple sensors
  • Cloud-Based SLAM/VSLAM technologies
  • Self navigation and obstacle avoidance


  • Multi-Layer 2D/3D Visual Perception
  • 2D recognition
  • 3D depth sensing, environment sensing

XR-1 is a Powerful Service Robot for Many Industries

Cloud XR-1 service robots can perform tasks as a concierge, receptionist, business guide, elderly care assistant, sales promoter or, VIP service staff under different scenarios with NLP, task-driven conversation, and vision controlled robotic manipulation (grasping/gesturing/moving/VSLAM).








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