Cloud Robot Infrastructure

Our cloud robot infrastructure consists of a “cloud brain” – HARIX, a “nerve network”-VBN and a robot control unit-RCU. These elements form an  optimal solution for both enterprise mobility with cloud-based applications and cloud robot operation, which demands secure AI cloud access and fast robot to cloud communication.


The HARIX(Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme Reality) is an AI powered and constantly evolving cloud brain for operating a cloud robot over a secured mobile network connection. It seamlessly combines AI and human augmentation for robot operation..

VBN (Virtual Broadband Network)

Our VBN (Virtual Backbone Network), built  on the 4G/5G global mobile network infrastructure,  is a highly secure and reliable private intranet that is isolated from the public internet and connects robots to the “cloud brain.”


Our proprietary robot controllers (RCUs) are smart communication devices that function as standardized modules to connect robot bodies to the “nerve network” and serve as the interface for the “cloud brain.”