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Cloud Robot Infrastructure

 The cutting-edge technologies in our cloud intelligence architecture, including a “cloud brain” – HARIX, a “nerve network”-VBN and a robot control unit-RCU, form the foundation of our open end-to-end cloud robot system. Our cloud intelligence architecture forms a solid technological foundation for both enterprise mobility with cloud-based applications and cloud robot operation, which demands secure AI cloud access and fast robot to cloud communication.

Cloud Brain (HARIX)

Our ‘cloud brain’ ,HARIX (Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with eXtreme Reality) platform, is an AI powered, constantly evolving cloud brain for operating a cloud robotics over a secure mobile network connection. It is equipped with multi-modal cloud AI capabilities and skills, such as vision, voice and motion, which are continually refined with dynamic learning capabilities. In addition, we are able to combine the best intelligence from both humans and machines to improve algorithms, boost performance, and ensure security for smart devices and cloud robotics operations.

HARIX Cloud AI Platform for Cloud Robots

Nerve Network (VBN: Virtual Backbone Network)

Our highly secure and reliable  Virtual Backbone Network (VBN) is built on the global 4G/5G  mobile network infrastructure which maintains international coverage thanks to our partnerships with multiple mobile operators in the world, including China, the United States and Japan. It is a highly secure and reliable private intranet that is isolated from the public internet and connects cloud robots to the HARIX “cloud brain” platform,  enabling worldwide deployment of robots operated on our cloud robot system.

CloudMinds Robot Controller (RCU) for Cloud Robots

Robot Control Unit (RCU)

With local processing capabilities, our proprietary robot controllers (RCUs)are smart communication devices that process and analyze first-hand data before transmitting to the ‘cloud brain’ through the ‘nerve network,’and translate the command from the ‘cloud brain’ to robot bodies for actions.