What is HARIX?

The HARIX (Human Augmented Robot Intelligence with eXtreme reality) is an AI powered and constantly evolving cloud brain for operating a cloud robot over a secured mobile network connection. It seamlessly combines artificial intelligence and human augmentation for robot operation. It also integrates multimedia data streaming and massive multiplayer online (MMO) gaming technologies for operating millions of cloud robots with the capabilities able to perform many different service roles.  The unique combination of these technologies breaks the bottleneck of commercially deploying many service cloud robots that demand 5G functions at a scale that eventually will reach the same as that of smartphone deployments.

How Does HARIX Work?

During normal cloud robot operations, AI uses all available sensing inputs to control the robot by computing the intended instructions with confidence scores. If the most viable instruction meets the pre-set confidence threshold (such as 85% for conversation, 100% for movement safety), HARIX invokes the instruction and gives the robot the intended command. Otherwise, HARIX immediately transfers robot control to the human cloud robot trainer assistant. HARIX’s Parallel Intelligence Platform (PIP) makes it possible to develop real world robotic applications in game development environments and utilizes the common cloud brain to support both virtual and physical robots.

HARIX Architecture

HARIX seamlessly integrates a multimedia switching engine, a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game engine, and best-of-breed AI technologies: SmartMotion (Vision Controlled Robotic Grasping and Movement), SmartVision (3D Semantic Maps, Facial and Object Recognition, OCR), and SmartVoice (ASR, NLP, TTS). HARIX can scale to support millions of robots. HARIX supports a Parallel Intelligence Platform (PIP) using the popular Unity game engine to accelerate implementation of a wide range of robotic applications by CloudMinds and our ecosystem partners.