What is Our Cloud Brain HARIX?

HARIX (Human Augmented Robot Intelligence with eXtreme reality) is an AI powered and constantly evolving cloud brain for operating cloud robotics over a secure mobile network connection. This  ‘cloud brain’ is a highly scalable operating platform that can host a massive number of robot ‘brains’ each empowered by AI capabilities and skills that can be customized and integrated for robot applications in various service scenarios.

HARIX Cloud AI Platform for Cloud Robotics
HARIX Cloud AI Platform for Cloud Robotics

How Does Cloud Brain Work?

We deploy state-of-the-art data collection, processing technologies and algorithms to power the AI capabilities which serve as the  building blocks of the HARIX ‘cloud brain.’ These multi-modal AI capabilities, including smart vision, smart voice and smart motion, utilize the common cloud AI brain to support both virtual and physical cloud robotics in various applications.

Cloud Brain Architecture

Open Platform

Highly scalable cloud AI platform that can host a massive number of “robot brains”

Building Blocks 

Multi-modal AI capabilities function as the building blocks of the HARIX “Cloud Brain” 

Human Augmentation

HARIX engages human augmentation to provide the most precise robot operations

Switching System

HARIX enables the multi-tasking capabilities of robots, enabling them to interact among each other

AI Capabilities

CloudMinds focuses on several core AI technologies: 

Smart Vision

We have developed smart vision AI capabilities which use deep learning technologies to support more accurate face and object recognition.

Smart Voice 

Our smart voice AI uses natural language processing technologies, language semantic analysis, automatic speech recognition, and dialogue flow to support robot dialogue and communication.

Smart Motion

We have developed smart motion AI capability to support motion control as well as the indoor and outdoor navigation of cloud robots.

Human Augmentation

To provide accurate robot services HARIX uses human supervision to improve the AI training algorithms, refine learning results, and serve as an additional layer of safety.