Virtual Backbone Network (VBN)

Our VBN (Virtual Backbone Network) has global coverage. It provides secure and high-speed network service over 4G/5G for Cloud Robots and enterprise Cloud AI access.  The VBN is a private network isolated from the Internet with PoPs located in the data centers of neutral carriers and connected via dedicated lines.

CloudMinds Global Virtual Backbone Network (VBN)
CloudMinds Ecosystem with HARIX AI Cloud, VBN and Cloud Robots

Multi-Protocol Network Acceleration

Supports multiple protocol (TCP/UDP/IP) transparent acceleration

Intelligent Resource Allocation

Global dedicated SDN/NFV network with over 100+ PoPs

Multiple Layer Security Protection

Secure Perimeter Protection (SDP) and Blockchain for device authentication

Dynamic Path Selection and Switching

High frequency network path probing and dynamic path selection

Backbone Network Security

The Virtual Backbone Network (VBN) is protected by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) with a blockchain authentication system to enhance network security.

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